What you see

You’ve heard it before—first impressions last. Which is why our look and feel is so important to us. That means colors. That means communication style. That means staying true to our Core Values, on everything from a television commercial to a direct mail piece.


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Primary Print Palette

Progressive's primary print color palette consists of Progressive Blue and white.


Progressive Blue
CMYK: 100, 47, 0, 0


CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0

Secondary Print Palette

Our secondary print palette is designed to accent and enrich our signature colors.


Electric Blue
CMYK: 88, 1, 0, 0


Steel Grey
CMYK: 70, 30, 12, 42


Progressive Orange
PANTONE® Goe 9-1-5
CMYK: 0, 55, 95, 0


Light Grey
CMYK: 12, 0, 0, 21


Deep Blue
CMYK: 100, 54, 10, 74

Primary Digital Palette

Progressive's primary digital color palette consists of Progressive Blue, white, and light blue.


Progressive Blue
HEX: #2d95e5
RGB: 45, 149, 229


HEX: #ffffff
RGB: 255, 255, 255


Light Blue
HEX: #f3f9fc
RGB: 243, 249, 252

Secondary Digital Palette

Our secondary digital palette is designed to accent and enrich our signature colors.


Deep Blue
HEX: #0a3360
RGB: 10, 51, 96


Medium Grey
HEX: #767676
RGB: 118, 118, 118


Dark Grey
HEX: #2d2d2d
RGB: 45, 45, 45


Secondary Blue
HEX: #007cb9
RGB: 0, 124, 185


HEX: #ffa452
RGB: 255, 164, 82


Light Grey
HEX: #91b0bf
RGB: 145, 176, 191


HEX: #7ee0ca
RGB: 126, 224, 202


Our typeface is called 96 Sans and we’ve created it to be trustworthy, friendly, smart and easy-to-read. Above all else, it’s versatile and functional across all platforms.

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Risk, learn, grow.

96 Sans / Standard Weight



Icons translate our products into bite-sized, visual nuggets. Like everything else, they're an important communication aid and have guidelines to ensure they make the best impact.

Product Icons

The product icons represent the insurance offerings from Progressive. These icons will typically be used at 50px and 100px.

auto motorcycle boat semi jet ski rv home

If the product icon is being displayed larger than 100 px, these more detailed icons should be used. This set should also be used for print.

auto motorcycle boat semi rv home

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Utility Icons

These icons indicate some sort of action and help support the copy with a visual cue. Typically, we use them at 16px with a stroke weight of 1.5px or 1.75px depending on optical balance.

verify home document browser email fax print
mailbox credit card wallet question lock calendar people

Mark of Flo*

The Mark of Flo represents the spirit of our spokesperson in one strong stamp. You can use the Mark of Flo as a creative element when the brand has already been established. The Mark of Flo is not a replacement for the Progressive logo but more like a supportive element when the communication is coming from Flo.

*Please consult 96 Octane before using.

Mark of Flo
mark of flo
Mark of Flo—Knockout Version
mark of flo knockout version


Our photography should capture the joys of being ‘in the moment.’ It needs to feel candid and casual, showcasing everyday people in real-life situations. Photography should be bright and dynamic, utilizing natural light and pops of color.

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Our digital creative gives us the opportunity to be more fluid, dynamic and up-to-the-minute. Our social channels are the face of our brand online so they need to be strong and consistent. Additionally they each serve their own purpose—from Flo’s friendly and engaging Facebook presence to the more behind-the-scenes, employee-centric Progressive Instagram. Below, we’ve linked to each of our platforms to give you a sense of the unique look, feel, and voice behind each one.

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Progressive is committed to meeting accessibility standards that conform to WCAG 2.0 level AA accessibility. The levels are hierarchical; in order to meet AA standards, a site must first meet all level A standards, in addition to all level AA standards.

Follow these guidelines to ensure we’re all-inclusive in our Progressive web experience. Download the PDF for more detailed accessibility protocol.