What we say

Our consumers and customers should feel like they can wave hello as they’re passing by, and feel welcomed to have a seat and join us when they want to engage more in conversation.

Brand Behaviors

The pillars of the Progressive brand

These seven brand behaviors allow us to adapt how we express ourselves, in ways that keep us real and our experiences personal.

Depending on the communication, your language may be more formal or more informal. From 'reduced deductibles' to 'rainbow sprinkles.' Use this scale to help you strike the right tone:

graphic illustrating tone spectrum

We’re real-world smart. That means we use everyday language without jargon—even for the most complex topics. If there are terms we put out there, we take time to explain them simply.


We treat customer relationships as valuable and permanent from day one, guiding in an informative way and offering useful options.


We know insurance. And when it gets down to the nuts and bolts, we can break it down and put it back together again with the customer in mind.


We instill confidence through positive thinking to promote opportunity and action to move forward over using negative language that evokes fear and immobility.


Sure, we’re an insurance company, but we think differently about what we do and how we do it, developing new, better (and well, unexpected) ways to engage, guide and help, always focusing on the solution at hand.


We speak with, not down to you. No matter how much knowledge we’re dropping, we’re personable. We invite people in, encouraging them to share their—and our—stories and experiences.

Disarmingly Humorous

We lighten dark moments and shine a light on the reality of the world, but use humor to connect and tap into the notion of “It’s funny because it’s true.”